Faith and Photography Contest

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!

With the blessing of our Hierarchs, we are pleased to announce a new opportunity for the youth of our church to express their faith.
The Consistory Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry wants to encourage youth and young adults to explore their creative talents and to glorify God through art, with the 1st Annual Ukrainian Orthodox Church Faith and Photography Contest.

Part of our mission, is to provide youth and college aged young adults the opportunity to become more involved with their faith, while showcasing the talented and creative youth we have within in our Ukrainian Orthodox Churches. We want our youth to realize that having fun and utilizing creativity can be manifested in a project that shows how they correlate their life with their faith.

Provided in this packet are the rules and entry information for the contest. We ask that you encourage all youth and college students to participate. Deadline for entries is November 15th. Prizes will be awarded for first and second place. To broaden the experience and best utilize social media, we will be allowing individuals to view the submissions on-line and vote for their favorite! A People's Choice winner will be awarded in each category.

Questions about the contest may be made to the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry at

In Him
Natalie Kapeluck Nixon
Consistory Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Winning Prizes

1st Place Winners will receive a professional canvas print of their photo. Use of the winning photos will be used as a profile image on one of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA social media sites and in the Ukrainian Orthodox Word.

2nd Place Winners will receive an Amazon Gift Card!

All participants will receive a small gift of thanks for their participation!
1st Place Ages 6 -9 and People's Choice Corey Carter:
I feel my entry relates to the topic, " We are all made in God's image and God is love!" because gave us His son Jesus and Jesus loved us so much He was willing to die on the cross for us.
1st Place Ages 13-18 Jack Lewellen:
I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains and they are covered with vineyards. This picture reminds me of the Fruits of the Spirit in two ways. It reminds me of the fruits themselves (love, joy, peace, etc) and the wine that mystically becomes the blood of Christ in the Eucharist that enables and nourishes the fruits. The slight glare of the Sun calls to mind the light of Christ that is ever and always shining upon us.
1st Place College Category - Olena Lymar:
One of my favorite aspects of a hierarchical visits to my parish is seeing the children greet our bishops. At first the young parishioners seem intimidated by the idea of greeting such a powerful and wise figure from the church, but as the hierarch approaches them, he offers words of wisdom, kindness, and most importantly love for the children and his flock. This act of kindness calms down the young children, and after hearing the comforting lesson, they return the offer by showing joy and welcome the leader of their church with beautiful verses and fragrant flowers.

Second Place Ages 13-18 Chris Pokotylo: These photos were taken during our latest varenyky making project on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. A young, three year old girl is pictured creating her very first varenyk. I would title my photos "The Holy Spirit brings life to our Church, and varenyky keep it going". I am submitting two photos because I believe they better illustrate the work of the Holy Spirit in our Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. Mrs. Irene Melnyk, a very kind and loving woman, taught (her) how to make her first varenyk. She will carry this knowledge for the rest of her life remembering the love and kindness of her varenyky mentor. The Fruit of the Spirit is love; there was a lot of love that day at St. Mary's varenyky making project.

Honorable Mention (13-18) Sam Chase: Today is Veteran's Day and that's why I decided to pick this photo. When I look at it I think of saying "God Bless America". I think as Americans we need to try our best at living the way God wants us to. This photo was taken at the USS Intrepid Museum.
Honorable Mention Carrie Chase (13 -18):

I picked this photo because it shows me being really active. I like to be as active as possible. I think God wants us to be active and to participate in the world around us. I don't think he wants us to sit on the sidelines and observe.
Second Place People's Choice
Anna Swindle
: The picture I have chosen represents joy. Everytime the sun is out and shining down on us we smile, bringing us and the people around us joy. As Orthodox Christians we know we may have some cold, weary days but we will also have some bright, joyous days.
Honorable Mention Victoria Swindle (13 -18): As we venerate the shroud of the Holy Mother of God, Virgin Mary on Holy Dormition, we look at her peaceful body lying in her tomb. We as Orthodox Christians take this time to remind ourselves of her Blessed falling asleep. We ask the Virgin Mary to take our prayers to her Son on our behalf.
Congratulations to all participants!
The 2017 contest will begin in September!