Great Lent Giveaway
The Great Lent Giveaway was designed as a way for our youth to learn about the beauty of Great Lent and instill in them that Great Lent is not only a time of fasting but a time to do good works and of contemplation, while preparing for the death and Glorious Resurrection of our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The current year program and programs from past years are provided
below. They may be used during Great Lent or be adapted for use during your normal Youth Group Sessions.

The GLG is a partnership of the OYM and the Jr. Ukrainian Orthodox League.

Great Lent Giveaway 2018
Champions of the Faith!

St. Andrew Society

How do we participate?

Two GLG sessions are offered this to provide youth with time to continue participation in Champion of the Faith and Centennial Curriculum.

These lessons are intended for ages 13-18. There are suggestions for younger children.

Past GLG Programs are provided here. They may be used and modified for anytime of the year.
What is St. Andrew Society?
St. Andrew society was founded in 1990 by the faithful of the
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA as a religious and charitable organization. As an integral ministry of the Church, the Society’s
philanthropic mission focuses on providing humanitarian assistance to the needy and supporting church-related projects in
The Society’s mission supports:
* the Christian spiritual rebirth of the Ukrainian people;
* the efforts of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in re-establishing the
universal principles of humanity, justice, charity
and tolerance;
* the rebirth of the persecuted and devastated Church in the former
Soviet Union.

Click here to learn more about ST. Andrew Society

We hope that you are able to support the efforts of your Jr UOL or Youth Group in raising funds and awarness for ST. Andrew Society.

How will we be aiding St. Andrew Society and what else does the GLG do?

We are asking the youth of the church to raise funds for the following special project sponsored by St. Andrew Society:

1. Offer scholarships for orphaned children of fallen soldiers in Ukraine.
2. Furthering educational pursuits of older teenagers and college students.

The GLG also provides sessions for deepening our faith during the season of Great Lent - focusing on Christinan compassion and giving.

These sessions should be conducted during lenten youth gatherings and in conjunction with the GLG collection.

2018 - Champions of the Faith

Session One - How To and Intro to St. Andrew Society
*How To/First Discussion Guide -
Who is
ST. Andrew Society
* Letter from Jr UOL GLG Coorintor Maddie Zetick
* Fundraising Ideas and St. Andrew Soc. Fact Sheet

* resources:
social media: button
flyer: 8.5 x 11
poster: 11 x 17
* Simple Logo

Session Two - St. Andrew: First Called of the Apostles and Champion of the Faith
Session 2 - Leader - Middle/High Svchool
Session 2 - Participant Middle/High school
Session 2 - Leader - Young Children 7 - 11
(adaptable for younger)

Supplemental Materials
* Explanation of the Prayer of
St. Ephraim for children