Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA
The Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry offers ongoing internship opportunities with their office. College students or young adults in need of an internship for class credit, experience for a resume or who may have an interest in youth ministry work may apply. The intern could gain knowledge in any of the following areas:

Youth Ministry Programming
College Outreach
Young Adult Programming
Missionary Work
Summer Camping Programming
Office Skills
Bulk Mailing
Presentation Writing and Formulation
Website Development and Updating

Two internships are offered:
1. College Internship Program by Semester
2. Summer Paid Internship

College Internship Program is tailored to the needs of the student and the level of time committment is negotiable.

Summer Paid Internship is a more intensive program that requires a higher time committment than regular internships. This internship is also available to young adults not in college seeking work experience or to discover if they have a vocation for working in ministry.

The program for each intern will be specifically developed for his or her needs, abilities and interests.

Some internships require relocation for a short time period.

Application for the College Internship Program

Application for the Summer Paid Internship Program