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We are very excited to  announce the summer 2021 programs for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA Camping Ministry at All Saints Camp.

In keeping with the best practices with Covid-19 prevention as specified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American Camp Association, we have made some modifications to our normal camp schedule and program.  Camp will look and feel slightly different this summer, but the utmost thought has been put into planning a safe and fun experience for all campers! 

Much time has been given as to how we can make camp as rewarding and fun as ever!! We are looking forward to a unique and amazing summer!!!!!!

The dates and ages for our programs are as follows:

  • Virtual Week for DCSC (ages 9 -13) and TC (ages 13-18) - June 28 - July 2
  • Diocesan Church School Camp – July 5 – 9 – Youth ages 10 - 13
  • Teenage Conference – July 11 – 16 – Youth ages 14 – 18(2021 High School Graduate)
  • Mommy & Me/Daddy & Me – August 8 -11 – children ages 4 -9 and parents(family)
  • St. Nicholas Program -  August 13 -16 – Special Needs Family Camp all ages
  • Family Fest – September 3 -6 – All ages of faithful

Due to this year’s adjustments, we are unable to make age allowances for the programs. Ages ranges for the programs will revert to their original status in 2022.

How and When to Register

We are moving to a new registration system this year. You will begin the registration process by completing a short online survey. Once the survey is completed, you will receive information for completing the rest of the registration process.  Priority will be given to our oldest campers for Diocesan Church School Camp and Teenage Conference.  Registration will open on the following dates:

  1. Diocesan Church School Camp
    1. May 6 - Registration for campers who will be 13 at time of camp
    2. May 17 - Registration for ALL Campers 

. Teenage Conference

  1. May 6 - Registration for campers who will be 17 -18 at time of camp
  2. May 17 - Registration for ALL Campers

Virtual Camp (Diocesan Church School and Teenage Conference)

  1. May 6 - Registration for ALL Campers

Mommy/Daddy & Me and St. Nicholas Program

  1. May 6 - Registration for ALL Campers


Please read the following protocols that will be instituted at camp for the 2021 Season, BEFORE beginning the registration process.  You will need to agree and comply with these protocols to participate in camp this year.

  • Campers will keep a health log 2-weeks prior to arrival at camp. Health log will be submitted digitally prior to arrival or at drop-off
  • Campers may only be dropped off at their assigned time unless prior arrangements have been made with the program director. YOU MAY NOT, drop off campers at times not pre-arranged. The same procedure and expectations will apply for pick-up.
  • We understand that carpooling to and from camp helps families when travelling a distance. However, FOR THIS YEAR, we ask that campers arrive with their own family or a family with which they have been cohorting. We understand that this may not be possible but do recommend this practice.
  • The camp WILL NOT provide accommodations for campers in-between Diocesan Church School Camp and Teenage Conference.  If you need to stay in the area, we have provided a list of local hotels below.
  • The program will be running at half-capacity. This means 4 campers per cabin with one staff member for DCSC and TC;  1 family per cabin/room for MM/DM and St. Nicholas ( if you have been cohorting with a family from your parish - you may ask to share accommodations with them).
  •  Campers will participate in the program with their Cabin Cohort for all activities and meals. Activity Cohorts may combine Cabin Cohorts.  Activity Cohorts will remain the same for the week.
  • Social distancing and mask requirements as deemed necessary. As of now, masks will not be required in the cabins with Cabin Cohort members.
  • We may be unable to accommodate cabin mate requests
  • If a camper exhibits symptoms of Covid-19, they will need to be picked up from camp immediately.
  • If a camper is unable to maintain distancing and mask protocols during camp, parents will be asked to pick them up early.
  •  We will offer camper/family orientation via Zoom prior to camp. All campers and at least one adult family member must attend orientation in order to attend camp in person.

We hope to announce additional programs as the summer progresses.  

We are looking forward to being with you at camp this year. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Youth Ministry at uocyouth@aol.com



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The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA offers outstanding camping programs for the youth and families of our church.

Join us here for ASC & Me @ Home!

If you miss a month, no problem! Request access to our Camp@Home Google Classroom at uocyouth@aol.com.  You will gain access to videos of our past sessions and resources.



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Diocesan Church School Camp
July 5 - 9, 2021 for Children 10 - 13

Diocesan Church School Camp  was developed over 30 years ago after the success of the UOC of USA's teenage camping program. DCSC is designed to meet the needs of youth ages 9-13. For the 2021 Season the age range is 10-3.

Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me
August 3 - 5, 2020 Children 4 -8 and their parents

Mommy & Me/Daddy & Me is celebrating its 18th year and provides wonderful experiences for children 4 –8 years old and their parents. For the 2021 season the age range is adjusted to 4-9 years of age.

Teenage Conference
July 11 - 16, 2021 for Teenagers 14 - 18

Teenage Conference is the longest standing program put on by OYM. TC has been helping teenagers to grow in faith learn to live a Christ centered life for over 50 years. For the 2021 season the age range is adjusted to 14 -18.

St. Nicholas Program
St. Nicholas Program June 19-23, 2020 Special Needs Family Camp

St. Nicholas Program provides an Orhtodox camping experience for families with children with disabilities of ANY age.


All Saints Camp

All Saints camp is located on 95 beautiful acres along the banks of the Allegany River in Emlenton, PA. It is our wonderful home providing a serene place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and come closer to God and his creations. Check out the Camp and the Grounds and at the Camp Website!

Staff Opportunities
Staff needed for all encampments Postitions available ages 14 and up

We are still in need of staff for virtual camp!

Various positions available for different lengths of 
time: multiple week, single week, weekend, mornings, afternoon, evenings, single events!

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Camp Resources

Below you will find resources to help you promote All Saints Camp and what our ministry has to offer!

Don't think you can afford to attend one of our camping programs? Reach out to us to find out more about these Scholarship Opportunities!
UOCCP Camper Scholarships
Five $100.00 scholarships for campers who are in need of financial assistance. The scholarships are generously provided by the Jr. Ukrainian Orthodox League.

Metropolian Constantine Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship will be awarded to one individual and covers one full week of camp. The criteria for awardship is financial need and participation in parish life.

Holy Trinity Camper Scholarships
Five $100.00 scholarships. The scholarships are generously provided by the legacy of Holy Trinity Parish, New Castle, PA. This scholarship is not based on financial need.

Camper Scholarship Funds
If you are interested and able to contribute to the Metropolitan Constantine Scholarship Fund or provide a special scholarship, please contact the Consistory Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry at uocyouth@aol.com or 412-977-2010.

Wasyl Pysh Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to one individual who has never attended Teenage Conference and covers one full week of camp. This scholarship is not based on financial need.
Poling Scholarship
This $300 scholarship is awarded to one family to attend the Mommy & Me/Daddy & Me program.
Sarah Dorning Scholarship
This $300 scholarship is awarded to one family to attend the St. Nicholas Program.
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Learn about St. Christina of Tyre and St. Julian of Tarsus who are the Patron Saints for the youth of the UOC of USA.

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