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Parent Orientation Dates for Virtual Camp 2020

Parent Orientation Dates and Times will be announced in the coming weeks. Attending on-line orientation is mandatory for participation.

Special Protocals and Expectations for 2021 


  • Campers will keep a health log 2-weeks prior to arrival at camp. Health log will be submitted digitally prior to arrival or at drop-off
  • Campers may only be dropped off at their assigned time unless prior arrangements have been made with the program director. YOU MAY NOT, drop off campers at times not pre-arranged. The same procedure and expectations will apply for pick-up.
  • We understand that carpooling to and from camp helps families when travelling a distance. However, FOR THIS YEAR, we ask that campers arrive with their own family or a family with which they have been cohorting. We understand that this may not be possible but do recommend this practice.
  • The camp WILL NOT provide accommodations for campers in-between Diocesan Church School Camp and Teenage Conference.  If you need to stay in the area, we have provided a list of local hotels below.
  • The program will be running at half-capacity. This means 4 campers per cabin with one staff member for DCSC and TC;  1 family per cabin/room for MM/DM and St. Nicholas ( if you have been cohorting with a family from your parish - you may ask to share accommodations with them).
  •  Campers will participate in the program with their Cabin Cohort for all activities and meals. Activity Cohorts may combine Cabin Cohorts.  Activity Cohorts will remain the same for the week.
  • Social distancing and mask requirements as deemed necessary. As of now, masks will not be required in the cabins with Cabin Cohort members.
  • We may be unable to accommodate cabin mate requests
  • If a camper exhibits symptoms of Covid-19, they will need to be picked up from camp immediately.
  • If a camper is unable to maintain distancing and mask protocols during camp, parents will be asked to pick them up early.
  •  We will offer camper/family orientation via Zoom prior to camp. All campers and at least one adult family member must attend orientation in order to attend camp in person.
Virtual Camp 2020 FAQ!

We hope this section helps to answer some of your questions concerning Virtual Camp this year.  Please contact us at uocyouth@aol.com if you have additional questions!


Will Virtual Camp be safe for my child?

Our main priority, whether it be a regular year of camp at All Saints or virtually like this year, safety of you child is the top of our list.  We have put several measures into place to keep your child safe while on-line with our program.  Securtiy and safety proceedures have been set for our ZOOM meeting rooms.  We will placing all of the daily program information in a special Google classroom for which you will be sent a special link to access.

As with anything, we will need your help to keep virtal camp safe. Please DO NOT share any links or passwords that are shared with you during the program. Please take the time to discuss with you child the need for not sharing links with individuals outside of our program.  In addition, if your child feels uncomfortable with something douring the program, we ask that you contact us immediately to discuss. Our staff is trained to keep your children safe!  While together in an official ASC & Me virutal Zoom room, an adult staff member will be with our campers.

Our family is busy, do we need to attend all sessions?

In a normal year the answer would be YES!  But we are not together on the property of All Saints Camp. We understand during this unique situation that your family might have plans, appointments or your child just may need a break from being on-line...THAT IS OK! Our hope is that your child(ren) will participate in all aspects of virtaul camp but if they cannot - we completely understand. If they are able to let us know when they will not be attending that is helpful but not neccessary.

We have limited devices for multiple family members. Does this mean our child cannot participate?

We understand that families are sharing devices due to working at home, summer school and other programs. If you family does not have seperate devices for each child who may be in the same program that is again, OK!  We ask that during registration you indicate this in the appropriate field.  In this way, we can prepare properly for cabin and team assingments.  Please keep in mind, almost any devise can be used for virtual camp - computers, lsptops, tablets and smart phones.

Is there a fee for virtual camp?

No!  Our virutal programs are free to all who participate. We do however ask, if you are able to make a donation toward program costs that would be wonderful.  What are program costs? These include: speaker fees, camper gift packages, subscription fees, and supplies.  A portion of what is donated will go toward our property up-keep for the summer.

How will my child be "in a cabin"?

We want your child to experience as close to a camp experience as they possibly can. Zoom meetings gives us the ability to break the campers into smaller meeting rooms.  By doing this, our staff as cabin counselors, will help campers get to know one another and work on group projects.  Even when in cabin rooms or special interest room, your child will always be with adult staff.


How will we know the schedule each day?

We are using Google Classroom as a 'home base" for each camping program.  We will post the schedule daily and all needed links for your child needed for that day or the whole week.  You do not have to download anything to participate in google classroom.  We will also be using the Remind app to keep you updated on the program.

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