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2017/2018 Theme - Champions of the Faith


Champions of the Faith was developed as the programming theme in 2017/2018. Through this resource, we hope our youth gain a deeper relationship with the saints of the Church and are inspired by their example. Our further aim is for our youth to view themselves as athletes for Christ, training themselves to become Champions of the Faith.

This program has three levels of curriculum:
Level 1 - Pre-School - Grade School ages 4-8 
Level 2 - Grade School ages 8-12
Level 3 - Middle/High School ages 13 -18

The sessions are approached from a holistic concept of traditional learning and lived knowledge (Praxis). The curriculum is split into two sections based on this concept. The curriculum was designed for successive use; however, sessions may be used as stand-alone modules. Extensive leader notes and instruction are provided throughout the curriculum.

We are especially pleased to offer five special sessions that were created by the Ukrainian Historical and Educational Center. These sessions explore the theme through the lens of the 100th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. They provide our youth with the opportunity to participate in special ways for this historic event, which took place in the Summer of 2018.

We encourage you to utilize this curriculum and incorporate the theme within your youth programming.

Champions of the Faith Level One Curriculum
Champions of the Faith Level Two Curriculum
Champions of the Faith Level Three Curriculum

Centennial Sessions

These praxis sessions are intended to be used in conjunction with the Champions of the Faith Curriculum. These five sessions are based around the History of our Church in honor of the Centennial Celebration.

Session One: History of the UOC of USA 
                     Supplemental Power Point Show
                     Supplemental Metropolitan Timeline

Session Two: Oral History Project

Session Three: UOL Essay Contest 

Session Four: The Importance of Primary Documents & Archives 

Session Five: Musical Harmony 

Final Project: Parish History Project

Special Champions

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Orthdoox Church of the USA, we will be featuring our own Champions of the Faith - the Heirarchs of the UOC of the USA! There is a handout about each of our Heirarchs that you can download and share as a part of your curriculum for Champions of the Faith.

His Eminence Metropolitan Antony

His Beatitude Metropolitan Constantine of Blessed Memory

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Learn about St. Christina of Tyre and St. Julian of Tarsus who are the Patron Saints for the youth of the UOC of USA.

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