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Church Chant for Youth

Music is an intrinsic part of our Orthodox worship.  Involving our youth in this important ministry will grant them a deeper connection to our Lord and His Church.  We recommend that you fully integrate your youth into your choir.  Arrange for them to have a “highlight” during the service.  In this way, they are full members of the parish body and at the same time given a moment to offer their gifts to God in a unique way.  You may also choose to have your youth be the main choir for special services. 

The resources provided will help you achieve the above goals.


How to Run a Youth Choir Rehearsal

Our hope is to help our youth feel more confident in participating in the singing and chanting of Liturgical music and chanting.  This module will help leaders run a productive youth choir rehearsal emphasizing the use of a good clear singing voice. 


Leader Resource

Warm-ups Video

Tropar - Christ is Risen! (Galician)

Tropar - Christ is Risen! (obikhod)

Tropar - Elevation of the Cross

Prokemenon (Who is so Great a God?)

Learning to Sing the Lord's Prayer

This module will help leaders teach youth to sing The Lord’s Prayer in English/Ukrainian and the importance of the Lord’s Prayer in our prayer life.


Leader Resource 

Leader Video Learning The Lord's Prayer- Click Here

Lord's Prayer Youth Choir Video - Click here


Lord's Prayer - English

Lord's Prayer - Ukrainian

Singing The Triple Litany in Multiple Languages

This module will help leaders teach youth to sing Lord Have Mercy in several languages. Youth will also learn why we use "Lord have mercy" frequently within Liturgical services.


Leader Resource 

Leader Video 

Triple Litany Youth Choir Video 


Triple Litany - English

Triple Litany - Ukrainian 

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