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The Great Commission of Christ to "go forth, make disciples of all nations" Matthew 28:19, was not only a commission that the apostles received at the Ascension of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but it is His last command to all of us!

This curriculm is a nine lesson program to use with the youth of your parish. The lessons are written for the age group of 10-14 but can easily be adjusted up for use with teenagers.

Also provided are a list of additional resources that you may use with all ages within your parish youth.

Suggested Reading Material


For Children 8-12

Mwangi - A Young African Boy's Journey to Faith
by Rene Ritzi

Missions -Issue of Little Falcons Magazine

Drita - An Albanian Girl Discovers Her Ancestors Faith
by Rene Ritzi

Cross on the Hill - Story of St. Andrew
by Lesia Sawedchuk

Gift for Ivanko - Story of St. Cyril and St. Methodius
by Lesia Sawedchuk

Silent as a Stone: St. Maria of Paris and the Trash Can Rescue
by Jim Frost

For Teenagers 13-18

St. Innocent of Alaska: Apostle and Missionary
By Sarah Elizabeth Cowell

St. Nikolai Kasatkin and the Orthodox Mission of Japan
by Michael Van Remortel and Dr. Peter Chang

Go Forth! Stories of Missions and Resurrection in Albania
compiled by Fr. Luke Veronis

The Orthodox Faith A to Z
by Fr. George Grube

Lynette's Hope: The Witness of Lynette Hoppe's Life and Death
compiled and edited by Fr. Luke Veronis

Check out this Alternative Curriculum


This is a ncurriculum put out by the Orthodox Church in America called  Teach All Nations. It is a seven session course that you can find here.

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