Sacred Arts Category E - College

People's Choice Winner and Category E Second PlaceAndrianna Fitza - Bensenville, IL - Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Bensenville IL is my parish. Everyone is very welcoming, and treats each other like family. Our priests are role-models for us - models of spiritual strength, and how to be active in a positive way within our community. Our parish keeps our wonderful Ukrainian tradition, with various activities throughout the week. We know that the Trinity holds and protects our parish, and that is what I depicted in my sketch.
People's Choice Runner-up Anna Swindle, Arnold, PA - My parish is important to me in multiple ways. It has given me a second family who love and care for me like I am their own child. The church has also given me the Ten Commandments which I use everyday in my personal life in a way I should act.
Category E First Place Victoria Swindle - Arnold, PA - I decided to a water color painting of a stained glass window in my church. Every Ukrainian Orthodox Church has a different style to their windows that makes them unique. Just like the windows each parishioner at my church shines bright in their own way because they have their hearts filled with the love our our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.