Sacred Arts Category C - Ages 10 - 12

Andrew Maddelen Age 12 - Trenton, NJ - My parish is important to me because it is where I serve the Lord. It is also where I go to pray for the ones I've lost. I feel that I have a God given talent for art and I thank the Lord for that!
Daniel Shushakov Age 10 - Portland, OR - My parish means loving God and fun and prayers.
Category C First Place Oleg Oleg Festyak Age 12 - Portland, OR - The landscapes on my picture represent peace. While the shepherd and the sheep mean God (shepherd) and the people (the sheep). And finally the church represents where the people pray on Sundays.
Category C Second Place Halyna Fronchak Age 10 - Chicago, IL - I like the front doors of our church and how nice it looks!
Category C Second Place Masha Malik Age 12 - Chicago, IL - I drew a picture of my church because it is where I go to practice my religion.
Category C Second Place Mary Kokuvshelli Age 11 - Carnegie, PA - I love all things about my parish and going to Liturgy.
People's Choice Runner Up - Adaptive Entry - Theodore Nixon Age 12 - Carnegie, PA - This is my church. I love my church. 3 crosses on top of my church. In the middle is our church party. Bottom right is Fr. John's house. Fr. John's dog Lucky is in the house.