2019 Sacred Arts Entrants Group A ages 4-6

Daniel Nahursky - Age 6 - Portland, OR - Family with which we pray every Sunday to get God's grace.
Garret Oleksa - Age 5 - Carnegie, PA - This is the inside of my church. The way I see it from my seat. In front is Fr. John. Next to him is his angel. The big angel is our iconostas.
Group A Second Place and People's Choice Runner Up- Lisanna Prysianzhna Age 4 - Chicago, IL - I like to go t communion.
Group A First Place - Mikita Zybachynsky Age 6 - Portland, OR - My parish teaches me to pray and brings my family and friends together.
Sasha Forester Age 4 - Portland, OR - Characters. Friends. Celebration!!!
Seamus Hamilton Age 6 - Charlottesville, VA - My art shows my church logo. I love my church. My church is really pretty and I like my priest Fr. Robert. I have friends and the food is really good.
Sebastian Charest Age 4 - Carnegie, PA - This is the front of the altar. In the middle are the royal doors. The deacon doors are on the sides. Above the door is the last supper and next to it are the apostles. On top is Noah's ark and the cross.
Veronkia Wisniowski Age 6 - Chicago, IL - I like to seek my friends at church.