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As a part of the final for the Youth Ministry Seminary and Certification Course final project, students muct create and execute a youth session. This could be a retreat, church school class, discussion group, service project, trip, etc.  

The OYM will begin publishing these final projects as resources for our use by our parish youth ministry teams.



A Servant's Heart - Lenten Retreat

This retreat was created by Karen Gavrilovic of St. Nicholas UOC in Charlottesville, VA.  This is designed as a half-day retreat with the following praxis learning objective:

  • To give youth a way of thinking about how they may serve others
  • To understand that even one person can make a difference in the life of another
  • To look for opportunities to serve those God puts in our path.

Focus: When we serve others, we model Christ’s teaching.

Leader Session Packet

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Learn about St. Christina of Tyre and St. Julian of Tarsus who are the Patron Saints for the youth of the UOC of USA.

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